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Course Element "E-Mail"


Name E-Mail
Icon E-Mail Icon
Available since New edition with release 18
Functional group Administration and organisation
Purpose Contact form with e-mail sending
Assessable no
Specialty / Note

By means of the course element "E-Mail" you provide your course participants with the possibility to send an e-mail to pre-defined recipients.

There are two possibilities to send messages. You can either select the pre- defined groups of recipients you want to send a message to in the tab "Recipients" or you directly indicate your e-mail addresses. You can select whether you wish to address owners, coaches and/or participants of either course, groups or both.

In order to enter several addresses in the field "E-mail addresses" you have to separate them by line breaks, i.e. each e-mail address has to be put into one separate row.

Distribution to owners/coaches/participants

By checking this box you define the member groups you would like to send a message. When selecting coaches or participants, choose in a second step whether you wish to address all members, or either course or group members. If no box is checked, no mail is sent.

In the fields "Subject (form)" and "Message (form)", you can optionally specify default values.

  • Subject: If the subject is predefined, it cannot be changed by the participants. If the subject is left empty in the template, the participants have to define their own subject (mandatory field).
  • Message: The predefined message can be edited by the participants when sending an e-mail.

In addition, the message / subject can be designed with the use of variables personal and course-related.

Use of variables

The following variables can be used in the subject and text of the e-mail:

Variable Description
$firstname The users first name
 $lastname The users last name
$fullName The users full name
$username The users username
$email The users email adress
$courseurl The internet address of the course
$coursename The name of the course as defined in the course info page
 $coursedescription The description of the course as defined in the course info page

The user variables refer to the person who triggers and sends the e-mail via the "Send" button.

By means of a suitable short title for the course element "E-mail", you can provide your course participants with information to whom they can send messages. For privacy reasons they will not be able to see the recipients' addresses in your e-mail form.


An element "E-mail" with similar functions, but without specific configuration, can also be found in the toolbar.