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Personal tools: Personal folders



Folder in the personal menu

Under "Personal tools" all OpenOlat users have access to their personal folders. In this folder you can find 2 subfolders, the folders private and public.


Every user can upload every supported file here. This folder can be used as temporary storage and to get access to files from different servers. Here OpenOlat works linke a cloud.

Additionally that data, which is downloaded in the data archiving is saved here as well.


Files, which should be available for other OpenOlat users, can be stored in this folder. The public folder is visible in the user's visiting card. In the personal tools in Other users you can search for the user who uploaded a file for you. This simplifies the data exchange between OpenOlat users.

General Information about folders

Folders can be used to store documents, to make files available for downloads or to provide an exchange platform for various users. If you have read and write access, which have to be assigned to users in courses and groups by a coach first, you are generally allowed to upload files, create, copy, move or delete them in folders.

File names of files you wish to upload to OpenOlat should contain only the following:

a-z, A-Z, 0-9, as well as "-", ".", "_" or space

Additionally you can zip or unzip files. All these actions can be performed with single files and folders or with several ones at once. If you want to upload many files at once there are two options at your disposal.

On one side you can zip your files on your computer, upload the zip-file and unzip it in the OpenOlat folder. On the other side several files can be transferred and organized by WebDAV. All folders are WebDAV compatible. This means OpenOlat is available as a normal net-device, with which you can easily copy, move and delete files. Further information can be found in the chapter "Using WebDAV".


In order for the WebDAV access to work, it needs to be activated by your OpenOlat administrator first.


The storage space per folder is limited. The administrator determines the available storage space. The default setting for the private and public folder is 100 MB. Your OpenOlat support is responsible for the increase of the quota. Please contact the corresponding contact person.

Other types of folders

In OpenOlat, several different versions of folders exist. Beside the two folders in the personal menu in OpenOlat, the following folder versions exist: