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Data Collection Preview

Release 18.2

What is a Data Collection Preview?

A "Quality management" module can be integrated into OpenOlat. This allows surveys (based on forms) to be created and evaluated across all courses. For example, a course element "Survey" could be included at the beginning of the course and another course element "Survey" at the end of the course.

A person with the role of "quality manager" is responsible for the creation and evaluation of such surveys. It then sees all the results of the surveys across all courses.

If a course element has been added to a course in order to record the quality, then the course owners of this particular course also have a legitimate interest in finding out about the survey.

The data collection preview shows the course owners which surveys are planned.




Course owners only have read-only rights here. The quality managers are responsible for planning when data is collected.

Negative list:
If a data collection has been prepared, it usually relates to several courses and course elements. If, for example, a survey is planned shortly before the start of the vacation, it may be that a certain course will not be attended on the last day before the vacation. To ensure that the result of the entire survey remains transparent, this course can be recorded as an exception on this day and then appears in the negative list.


The "Quality management" module must be integrated by an administrator so that data can be collected for quality management purposes. The "Data Collection Preview" option must then be activated within the configuration of the module.

The "Data collection preview" option must then be activated within the module configuration. Only then will the option appear for course authors in the "Administration" course menu.

See Admin manual.