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OpenBadges are implemented after the OpenBadges standard and fully compatible with it. More information here.


  • Turn Badges on/off for the whole instance of your OpenOlat.


A standard set of templates is already instantiated on the OpenOlat instance. Additional templates can be created by specifying the image, name and a description of the template.



Is the display name of the template and is displayed in the wizard.


Here you can divide the templates into categories. Badge templates with the same category are displayed in the same tab in the wizard.

Area of application

The scope defines whether a badge should be available globally (for issuing at instance level) or for courses.

Global Badges

Global badges can be viewed here. The status (active / in preparation) and whether they have already been awarded. They can also be edited and deleted. Global badges are not linked to a course and can be assigned manually.

Global Badges

Creating and editing a badge

  1. Template: The first step is to select a template or upload your own image. SVG is currently supported. Wizard Schritt 1
  2. Customization: If the template was created taking variables into account, you can change colors and text in a template. Wizard Schritt 2
  3. Details & Validation Period: Mandatory details are the name, version and description of the badge and the issuer. You can also add a URL and a contact to the exhibitor properties. The validity period can also be set so that it never expires or is 12 months, for example. Wizard Schritt 3
  4. Criteria: Enter the criteria and explanation for the rules you have chosen. Wizard Schritt 4
  5. Summary: Screen with a summary of all details. Wizard Schritt 5
  6. Earners: Displays the earners in a table to see which participant already qualifies for the criteria you have selected.

Usage of Badges

Badges are awarded by course owners in each course under
Settings > Tab Assessment > Section Badges.
The right to assign manually can also be given to coaches.

If badges have been activated, the Badges option will be available in Course administration after the next login. The badge allocation rules for the course can be set up here.

The automatically assigned badges can then be viewed or manually assigned in the evaluation tool.

For course participants, acquired badges are listed in the personal menu. You can find more information here