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COVID certificate

If the Covid certificate has been activated by the admin, users will find the "COVID certificate" tab under "Profile". Here you can add new COVID certificates or view the status of an existing certificate. The status of your certificate is only visible to you.


No data is stored. Only the date is saved for the validation of the COVID certificate.

Add COVID certificate

Click on "Add new COVID certificate".

Under "Automatic", you can either scan the QR code or import your certificate as a file. The validation will be done automatically. (See Validation Status).

If automatic adding does not work, you can also add your certificate manually. Validation is not automatic in this case. (See Validation status)

Validation status


Your certificate has been validated.


You have deposited data, but it has not yet been validated.

If you have added your certificate manually, the status is always orange.

Please contact your 3G representative to have your certificate validated or if the automatic capture did not work.


No certificate has been deposited yet or the automatic capture of the certificate could not be completed.

The data on the certificate must match the user data in OpenOlat, otherwise you will receive a message.

Please contact your 3G representative if you have problems adding your COVID certificate.