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Coaching - Orders

Here you can see where specific coaching actions such as assess or gradings still need to be carried out or whether they still need to be released.


1. Tab Open Assessments

Coaching Menü Aufträge

Here you have access to all course elements that still need to be assessed. These can be sorted according to the columns and then selected and evaluated individually. Clicking on the "Assess" link takes you to the corresponding assessment form.

2. Tab Open Classifications/Scores

Here you will find all course elements that have already been assessed but for which the manual assignment to a grading scale or grading system has not yet been completed.

The tab is only relevant if at least one course element has also been assigned a rating scale for manual release.

3. Tab Assessments to be released

Here you will find all assessments that are not yet visible to the user and have yet to be released. In this tab it is also possible to select all course elements and then release them simultaneously.