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Quality Management: Actions (To-dos)

Release 18.0

Learn from mistakes

If the findings have been obtained from the reports, a measure must generally be taken if the survey results are poor. In OpenOlat, measures are technically a type of to-do.

Measures (to-dos)

To-dos already exist in other places in OpenOlat, e.g. in projects or as personal to-dos.

The to-do infrastructure can be used to respond directly to the results of data surveys or a specific participant survey with appropriate measures. Necessary to-dos can be created contextually and delegated directly to the relevant persons. They are informed of a new to-do by e-mail.

All quality management to-dos are listed under "Measures to-dos".


Overview of quality management measures (to-dos)

If the measures (to-dos) are called up in the quality management overview, quality management is generally entered as the context of the to-do when a new measure is created.



Measures (to-dos) for specific data collections

Measures (to-dos) can also be recorded directly at the data collection point. They are then already assigned to this context (this data collection).


Click on the name of an existing data collection.




The measures (to-dos) that have been created for specific data collections also appear in the overview list, which can be accessed at the top level of quality management. The specific context (assignment to a specific data collection) is evident.

Click on the + or - symbol at the beginning of a line to expand or collapse the detailed view.