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Course Element "Self-test"


Name Self-test
Icon Test Icon
Available since
Functional group Assessment
Purpose Course element for integration of a learning resource "test" into a course
Assessable yes
Specialty / Note pre-configured course element "Test"

Like the "Test", the course element "Self-test" uses the learning resource Test and is configured and set up similarly. The main difference is that there is no option "passed/failed" and the tab "Highscore" is omitted.

In contrast to the course element "Test" self-tests are suitable to get practice; results of self-tests will be saved anonymously. Self-tests can be taken as often as needed.

The course element "Self-test" contains learning resources of the type "Test." If you have not generated a test before please follow the instructions in the chapter "How do I proceed when I create a test".

For more information on tests, refer to the chapter "Configure tests". The chapter "Tests at course level" is particularly relevant here.

A more complex alternative to the self-test is the course element Exercise.