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Course Element "Wiki"


Name Wiki
Icon Wiki Icon
Available since
Functional group Communication and collaboration
Purpose Collaborative content creation
Assessable no
Specialty / Note

Use a Wiki to easily create learning content together with your course participants. A Wiki is suitable for doing group work; it can serve as documentation tool or as some sort of knowledge base for your studies and projects.

The course element "Wiki" helps you to embed a Wiki in your course. Just click on "Select, create or import Wiki" in the tab "Wiki learning content" to assign a Wiki already existing or to create a new one. If you have not already selected a Wiki yet the title Selected Wiki will show the message No Wiki selected.

If you have already added a Wiki its name will appear in the field. In order to change the assignment of a Wiki click on "Replace Wiki" in the tab "Wiki learning content" before selecting another Wiki.

In the tab "Wiki learning content" you configure the user permissions of the Wiki. Here you can set that not only owners but also maintainers and participants may edit Wiki articles. By default all course participants have read and write permission in a Wiki. Only that OpenOlat user who has created the page or OpenOlat users who are registered as owners in a wiki will be allowed to delete wiki pages.


If you can't find the "Wiki" course element in the course editor, it was disabled by a system administrator.

Working with Wiki

Wiki Editor

Wikis can be used for the cooperative creation of texts. The individual pages are thereby implemented in the form of a hypertext with linked pages.

If a wiki is used in an OpenOlat course, the wiki menu and other wiki links automatically appear in the left course navigation. Use the "From A-Z" link to call up the table of contents with the display of all wiki pages. This way you can see at a glance which pages have already been created.

In the main area, you can see the respective wiki contributions (articles), edit the wiki pages (Edit page), hold discussions on the individual wiki pages and view the editing history (versions/authors). You can also export a wiki as a content package (CP) and be informed about changes.

Wiki User view

Creating new Wiki pages

A new wiki page can be easily created using the "Create" button and then filled with content. It should be noted, however, that the page created in this way does not yet have a connection to the overall wiki structure. In order to establish a connection, appropriate links should be created in the "Wiki menu" and/or on the "Index" page of the Wiki.

Another way to create a new wiki page is to create a matching internal link on the page where the link to the new wiki page should appear. For this purpose, you can either use the corresponding button of the Wiki Editor or enter the appropriate syntax directly.

The wiki syntax for new internal links is two opening square brackets + page name+ two closing square brackets. So for example: [[link name]].

The corresponding page will then be created automatically the first time the link is called.

Create internal wiki link

Change contents of a wiki page

To edit the content of a wiki page, select the "Edit page" tab of the desired wiki page. The Wiki Editor appears with various formatting options. Here you can also include images, media links, mathematical formulas, internal and external links in your wiki. In addition to the buttons in the editor, there are other formatting options that you can insert directly in the text as syntax elements.

The wiki syntax is explained in more detail below.

Wiki Syntax #wiki-syntax

You can format your input using the following wiki syntax.


It is recommended to use special characters in Wikiwords with restraint. The colon (:) is not allowed. Also note that a space at the beginning of a line is interpreted as a formatting command (Preformatted Text).

Text design

Syntax Result (Formatting)
'''Bold text''' Bold text
''Italic text'' Italic text
==Level 2 Headline==

Level 2 Headline

* List
  • List
  • # Numbered list 1. Numbered list
    Syntax Result (Formatting)
    [[Internal link]] Internal link
    [[Link | Text]] Text
    [ The Website of OpenOlat] The website of OpenOlat

    External addresses are automatically converted to a link if you provide the full address: If you want to specify a different term instead of the link, put the URL and the term together in square brackets, separated by a space.


    Single Row

    |Cell 1  
    |Cell 2  
    |}| Cell 1 Cell 2  

    Cell 1 Cell 2

    Multiple Rows

    |Cell 1  
    |Cell 2  
    |Cell 3  
    |Cell 4  

    Cell 1 Cell 2
    Cell 3 Cell 4

    With frame

    {| border="1"
    |Cell 1
    |Cell 2
    |Cell 3
    |Cell 4
    Cell 1 Cell 2
    Cell 3 Cell 4

    Pictures and other files

    For example, to add images to the wiki, you must first upload them to OpenOlat (via the "Upload File" button). As soon as there is at least one file in the wiki, the drop-down menu "Insert file" appears, with which images etc. can be conveniently inserted.


    OpenOlat Logo

    When inserting the image, the following optional formatting options are available:


    [[Image:openolat_logo_72.png | This is the OpenOlat logo.]]|

    OpenOlat Logo
    This is the OpenOlat logo.


    Use the "left" or "right" addition to specify how the image should be aligned.


    OpenOlat Logo

    Picture size

    Specify in pixels how large the image should be displayed.


    OpenOlat Logo

    Miniature picture

    If you select the "thumb" addition and a small image size, the image will be inserted as a thumbnail. Clicking on the image will display it in full size.


    OpenOlat Logo

    Combined formatting

    Multiple formatting options can also be used simultaneously.

    [[Image:olat_logo.png|center|150px|thumb|Das ist das OpenOlat-Logo.]]

    OpenOlat Logo

    Other files: PDF


    Mathematical formulas (LaTeX)

    To make OpenOlat display the formulas faster and nicer, you can install jsMath fonts on your computer. You can find the download area and instructions at:

    The syntax of the mathematical notation used in OpenOlat can be found at:


    <math>Insert formula here</math>

    Inline Mode



    Unformatted Text

    <nowiki>Insert the unformatted text here</nowiki>

    Insert the unformatted text here

    To attach a file, first upload it via "Upload file". Navigate to the location on the wiki page where you want the file to appear. Then select the file via "Insert file" and confirm with "Save". Links to other wiki pages are created using the "Insert Link" button. Further formatting options can be found one line above.

    You create links to files in folder course elements in OpenOlat by clicking on the metadata icon Icon Metadaten, and then copying the External link to this resource. Please note that you can only link to files that are inside a subfolder in a folder course item.

    The wiki can be exported and saved as IMS content packaging by all participants via the corresponding link. Authors can also re-import an exported CP into OpenOlat.


    If a wiki is to be exported directly as a wiki, this is only possible by the owner of the wiki directly in the learning resource via the menus "Copy" or "Export content". Course participants do not have this option.


    When you delete pages, all versions are also deleted. So you cannot restore deleted pages.