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Course Element "Wiki"


Name Wiki
Icon Wiki Icon
Available since
Functional group Communication and collaboration
Purpose Collaborative content creation
Assessable no
Specialty / Note

Use a Wiki to easily create learning content together with your course participants. A Wiki is suitable for doing group work; it can serve as documentation tool or as some sort of knowledge base for your studies and projects.

The course element "Wiki" helps you to embed a Wiki in your course. Just click on "Select, create or import Wiki" in the tab "Wiki learning content" to assign a Wiki already existing or to create a new one. The chapter "Creating Wikis" will tell you how to do so step by step. If you have not already selected a Wiki yet the title Selected Wiki will show the message No Wiki selected.

If you have already added a Wiki its name will appear in the field. In order to change the assignment of a Wiki click on "Replace Wiki" in the tab "Wiki learning content" before selecting another Wiki.

In the tab "Wiki learning content" you configure the user permissions of the Wiki. Here you can set that not only owners but also maintainers and participants may edit Wiki articles. By default all course participants have read and write permission in a Wiki. Only that OpenOlat user who has created the page or OpenOlat users who are registered as owners in a wiki will be allowed to delete wiki pages.

In the chapter "Learning Activities in Courses" section "Wiki", you will find more information on how to adapt the Wiki syntax, how to create new pages, and how to view different versions of a Wiki page.


If you can't find the "Wiki" course element in the course editor, it was disabled by a system administrator.