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Login and Registration

To use OpenOlat to its full extent, you must be registered in OpenOlat. You can only use OpenOlat anonymously as a guest with limited possibilities.

Each time you start OpenOlat, the login page appears, where you can log in. You can read more about the different login methods in this chapter.

About logout and timeout you can find some information here.


The kind of the first registration as well as the concrete procedure varies depending on the OpenOlat instance:

  • In most cases you were already registeres as user by your administrator or user manager as OpenOlat user, befor you got access to a specific course.
  • But it is also possible to allow and configure self registration in OpenOlat.

Usually the procedure is visible on the corresponding OpenOlat login page. In the case of dubieties or queries please contact the local OpenOlat support of your organization. Concerning your first OpenOlat registration, please contact the manager responsible for e-learning in your organization.

After successful registration you will be directed to the systemwide landing page, which can differ between systems and also between OpenOlat authors and users.