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  • elaborate on guidelines
  • add accessiblity guidelines


  1. Course Image: Absolute size of max. 240x120px. Gets shrinked when not enought space is available.
  2. Course Information: Space for course information. All Information gets displayed in vertical order.
  3. Progress and Actions: Space for Course Progress, if booked. Also the 2 action buttons are here.


There are two different variants for the cards: normal (horizontal) and a compact (vertical).

Course Card (horizontal)

These cards work well on larger screens or for enriched view of a table list.

Course Card compact (vertical)

desktop tablet mobile
coursecard compact desktop coursecard compact-tablet coursecard compact mobile
with 2 buttons without image
coursecard compactv2 coursecard compactv3

A Variant currently in use in Catalog only. Smaller with less information (minus: course progress, duration, place).

Guidelines / Usage

When to use

Display a single, concise group of content within a set of similar, related content. For example a list of courses, different groups.

When not to use

If we need a high information density or you need to compare data, the table view is a better choice.


Except for Buttons and the personal learning progress the content is right aligned.