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Requirements towards security can vary greatly depending on the institution. Use the security settings to configure the necessary security level while taking the associated risk into account.


Here you can configure the syntax rules for the OLAT passwords. A minimum and a maximum length must be defined as a minimum. In addition, further requirements such as number of letters, upper and lower case, requirements for numbers and special characters as well as certain invalid values can be defined. Under the tab "Change policies" you can define how often certain users have to change their password.

Anonymous and external users

Administrators can define whether and to what extent OpenOlat can be used by anonymous guests and external users.


Here administrators can activate self-registration and make further detailed settings in this context. Login forms can also be integrated into external websites. Furthermore, the validity period of the self-registration can be limited.

Cloud login

It is possible to connect to social networks such as LinkedIn, X, Google, Facebook, etc. for authentication.


Here it is possible to configure an SMS service. Notifications can then also be sent by SMS. Please note that there are costs for sending SMS messages in this context.

Password reset

Here you can reset the password for an account list.