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Course Element "Zoom"


Name Zoom
Icon Zoom Icon
Available since
Functional group Communication und collaboration
Purpose Integration of the Zoom web conferencing software
Assessable no
Specialty / Note Zoom is commercial software. To use the course element, a separate license and server hosting is required. Limited use is free for registered users.


In order to use the course element "Zoom" for web conferencing,

  • you must be able to use a Zoom Education or Enterprise license.
  • Zoom must have been configured by your administrator.

Information from the manufacturer can be found on the Zoom homepage.

Configure course element

As author you simply add a course element "Zoom" in the course editor and select only the predefined profile in the tab "Zoom configuration".


You configure the other tabs as you are used to from other course elements.

Zoom configuration by administrator

The integration of Zoom into OpenOlat via LTI is described in the OpenOlat Administration Manual.


In addition to using Zoom in a course element, Zoom integration allows you to manage Zoom profiles and use Zoom meetings in OpenOlat as course elements, course tools and group tools.