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Module Quality Management

The "Quality management" module is an additional module. It must first be activated by an administrator.

The configuration of the module can be carried out by administrators under
Administration > Module > Quality Management


Quality Management Settings

The entire module is activated with the first checkbox.

The optional e-mail address can be used for individual customization:
Each time data is collected, it is defined to whom e-mails are automatically sent. The mails are always sent by OpenOlat with the standard address (no-reply). This address can be overridden by entering a different e-mail in this section.

Suggestion for improvement Settings

If the option is activated, the option to create suggestions for improvement is displayed under the Quality management menu item. The e-mails created there are sent to the e-mail address specified here.

Data collection preview

This preview is displayed after activation

  • in courses
  • in curricula
  • in the "Quality management" module

If this option is activated, the "Data collection preview" option is displayed for course owners in the course administration menu. The planned surveys relating to this course can be viewed there. This preview is purely informative for course owners. Editing is only possible for quality managers.

See User manual

In addition, the data collection preview can be called up in Curriculua and shows all surveys that relate to one of the curriculum elements.

The data collection preview in the "Quality management" module refers to all planned surveys (not just individual courses).

To-do measures

To-dos can be created in various places in OpenOlat (projects, tasks, etc.). In quality management, we tend to talk about "measures" as a reaction to findings from a survey. Technically speaking, "measures" from QM are to-do objects.

If this option is activated, quality managers can create to-dos (measures).

Activation of Site

After the module has been activated, under
Administration > Customizing > Sites
, the checkbox must be marked and the user group must be defined for which the "Quality management" option is displayed in the main navigation.