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Videos: Overview

The "Video" chapter explains to course authors how to

  • record videos in OpenOlat yourself, import them or insert them as a link,
  • create videos as a learning resource,
  • integrate and configure videos in a course.
  • It is also important to know where and how the videos are saved.

Context 1: Directly integrated videos

Videos can be directly integrated as mp4 files or links. E.g. in the course element "HTML page" or in the feedback for a question.

Context 2: Video learning resources

Additional features can be added to the mp4 files in the OpenOlat video editor. This turns it into a video learning resource, which contains annotations and quiz questions, for example. (These features can also be added to linked videos).

Context 3: Video learning resource in a course element

The video learning resources can be integrated into course elements and provided with further configurations there. E.g. in the course element "Video" or course element "Video task".

Context Characteristic Usage
directly integrated videos mp4 file (uploaded)
or linked (Youtube and other)
(without additives)
in the HTML editor
(HTML page, feedbacks, etc.)
video learning resources with annotations, quizzes,...
editable via authoring area,
with uploaded or linked video files
in course element video, in course element video task
video learning resource in a course element a course element is container for a learning resource
with own, superordinated configuration
in a course

Where are the videos stored?

  • Videos in the course element "HTML page" are stored in the storage folder of the course. From there, they are linked to the course element. Videos embedded in this way are only available in the respective course.

  • Instead of storing videos in the storage folder of a course, they can also be stored in a resource folder. Included resource folders can then be used in several courses.

  • Videos can be found as learning resources in the authoring area.

  • In addition, videos can also be stored in the Media Center.


If you can neither find the course element nor the learning resource "Video" in your OpenOlat instance an administrator has deactivated this feature system-wide.