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Area and modules

OpenOlat has a modular structure. The most important areas and modules are generally available, some can be additionally activated as needed. Die zentralen Elemente erscheinen in der Regel als Menüpunkt in der obersten Navigationsszeile. Persönliche Bereiche können über die "Persönlichen Werkzeuge" aufgerufen werden.

Courses (M)

Courses are the most important basic element in OpenOlat. Basically, all learning content is offered within courses.


If a catalog for offering the courses and learning resources is desired, this optional module can be activated. Je nach Version des Katalogs erscheint er als eigener Menüpunkt (Katalog V2) oder als Tab im Bereich Kurse (Katalog V1).

Groups (M)

Groups simplify participant administration. OpenOlat allows the creation of very different groups.

Coaching (M)

An optional module contains additional features for the coaching of course participants.

Authoring area (M)

Everything needed to create new courses is located here.

Question pool (M)

The question pool is an area where questions are collected for reuse. OpenOlat offers a management of access permissions etc. for this purpose.

Projects (M)

OpenOlat also provides tools for running projects.


In OpenOlat you can work with portfolios in different ways.

Curriculum management (M)

Optionally, OpenOlat can also manage curricula in its own module.

(M) = Menüpunkt in der obersten Navigation

(P) = Menüpunkt in den Persönlichen Werkzeugen