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Area and modules

OpenOlat has a modular structure. The most important areas and modules are generally available, some can be additionally activated as needed. The central elements usually appear as a menu item in the top navigation bar. Personal areas can be accessed via the "Personal tools".

Courses (M)

Courses are the most important basic element in OpenOlat. Basically, all learning content is offered within courses.


If a catalog for offering the courses and learning resources is desired, this optional module can be activated by the OpenOlat administrator. Depending on the version of the catalog, it appears as a separate menu item (Catalog V2) or as a tab in the Courses area (Catalog V1).

Groups (M)

Groups can be used for different purposes e.g. they simplify participant administration or facilitate cooperative, independent online learning.

Coaching (M)

Tool for coaches to easily carry out cross-course assessments and actions.

Authoring area (M)i

Central area for OpenOlat authors. Here you can find everything needed to create new courses.

Question pool (M)

The question pool is an area where questions are collected for reuse. OpenOlat offers a management of access permissions etc. for this purpose.

Projects (M)

Tool for collaborative project work with deadlines, to-dos, decision documentation, shared documents and more.


Virtual portfolio that can be used both individually and in a course context and with different objectives.

Curriculum management (M)

If approved by the administrator, OpenOlat can also optionally manage curricula in a separate module.

(M) = Menu item in the top navigation

(P) = Menu item in the personal tools