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Course Element "Task"

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Coaches can use the Task course element to organize actions and submission tasks. Learners upload their submissions to the OpenOlat course and receive feedback or assessment from the teacher. Revisions can also be requested. Sample solutions can also be provided using this course element.

The central configuration of the course element takes place in the first step in the tab "Workflow". Here you determine which of the following options you want to use:

  • Task Assignment: assign tasks to course participants or groups.

  • Submission: Learners should have the opportunity to submit tasks. This is where course participants create their solutions or upload them in a PDF file format.

  • Review and Correction: this is where course participants will find their tasks corrected as well as requests for revisions.

  • Revision Period: course participants upload their revised documents in this element. You as a coach can place multiple revision requests until the task is considered completed and the revision process closed.

  • Sample solution: provide course participants with sample solutions of their tasks. You can either create them directly in OpenOlat or upload files.

  • Assessment: create individual assessments for each course participant or for participants of a group as a whole.

In the tab "Learning path" (or in the tab "Workflow" for conventional) you can also define whether the task is mandatory or voluntary.

Mandatory tasks have to be completed and will be collected after the set deadline and handed over to the coach for evaluation. In the case of optional tasks, the user can decide for himself if he wants to work on them. Furthermore, optional tasks are not collected after the deadline.


How to create tasks step by step and further information on other configuration possibilities can be found in the chapter "Creating Tasks".

Creating Tasks

This chapter explains how course authors can create tasks for single course participants and groups. Here you will find an step-by-step instruction as well as information on how to adapt tasks according to your needs. With the help of these two course elements, the flow of submitted assignments, including feedback and sample solutions, can be mapped. The group task element has the same structure and functionality as the individual task element.

The tasks of a course are created and configured in the course editor.