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Authoring - Create courses and learning resources

Create new OpenOlat learning resources

The following learning resources can be created in authoring:


The specific creation process is described on the following pages:


If you want to build your courses systematically and use learning resources in multiple courses, it is recommended to create learning resources in "authoring" instead of using course elements in a specific course.

Import learning resources

Learning resources created outside OpenOlat or exported from an OpenOlat system can be imported into OpenOlat if they are in a format compatible with OpenOlat. Possible types are explained in "Different types of learning resources".

With "Import URL", links to external videos, e.g. on YouTube, can also be set and created as OpenOlat learning resource video.


If you want to import a course e.g. from another OpenOlat instance, you will be asked if you also want to import the learning resources referenced by the course (e.g. a wiki or a test).

Select the corresponding checkbox if you want to import the referenced learning resources as well. Publish the imported course afterwards to make it visible for you and other OpenOlat users.

At the end of the import, the "settings" menu appears. Here you can make further configurations, e.g. a definition of the licence.

Detailed course creation guide

You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create a course here.

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