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Course Element "Document"


Name Document
Icon Document Icon
Available since Release 15.3
Functional group Knowledge Transfer
Purpose Provision of various documents, also for joint editing
Assessable no
Specialty / Note For office documents, appropriate licenses are required for editing

By means of the course element "Document" different document formats can be integrated directly into the course. This course element is especially suitable for Office documents, PDF or the display of graphic files. It is possible to access already existing files or to upload or create new files. Word processing documents and PDF are directly displayed by using the integrated Document Viewer.

Files that are located in the course's storage folder or uploaded as separate learning resource can be used. Which file formats can be newly created depends on the settings in the administration of the respective OpenOlat instance.

The integrated documents can later be edited, exchanged or saved as a separate learning resource. Depending on the file type, other options such as editing metadata are also possible. Editing of text documents is also possible when the corresponding licenses are activated in the OpenOlat Administration, the editor then opens in a separate window.

Furthermore you can set user rights for your course element in the course editor and thus define which roles are allowed to edit and download the respective document (if possible). The height of the display area can also be defined.

After downloading a corresponding document, the metadata shows who edited the document last.


For video files the course element "Video" should be used and for HTML pages the course element "Single page" instead of "Document".