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Math formula

Formulas can be inserted in OpenOlat in various places. Either the HTML editor or the content editor is used.

Insert math formula via HTML Editor

  1. You insert the math formula via Insert>Insert math formula in the context menu of the html editor or directly via formula button, if available. A new popup window will open.

    explanation to insert math formula

  2. Type in the formula via the LaTeX editor or th graphical form editor. Further information on how to use the graphical editor can be found here: CortexJS keybindings.

    formula editor window

  3. Close the html-editor with Save. The math formula is now embedded into the text.

formula embedded

Mathematical formulas can be inserted in the following course elements and learning resources via HTML editor:

  • Course element Single page
  • Course element Task + Group task (HTML)
  • Course element Forum
  • Learning resource CP learning content
  • Learning resource Blog
  • Learning resource Test

Info: Wordcounting

The math formular counts as one word, regardless of length and complexity.

Insert a formula in Content Editor in the Portfolio 2.0

  1. Open or create a portfolio entry and open the Content Editor. Click on add Content Block and (among other things) you get the possibility to select the formula editor.

    content editor question type

  2. Choose Formula in the menu.

  3. The graphical formula editor opens. Now you can create your formula.