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Course Element "Podcast"


Name Podcast
Icon Podcast Icon
Available since
Functional group Knowledge transfer
Purpose Provision of subscribable audio and video episodes
Assessable no
Specialty / Note

The course element "Podcast" can either be used to publish self-created audio and video files chronologically and make them available in a course element or to simply integrate external podcast episodes into OpenOlat.

A podcast provides information in the form of audio or video files. On the one hand, you can listen to or view these so-called episodes directly in OpenOlat; on the other hand, you can subscribe to podcasts, download the episodes to local portals such as iTunes and copy them to your mobile device.

It is also possible to configure the course element so that course participants can create episodes of the podcast together.

Create or edit episode

People who are authorized to create new episodes (see Configure podcast) will see the "Add episode" button and can upload their audio or video contribution to the podcast.

An episode always contains exactly one audio or video file. Select it on your computer so that it can be uploaded afterwards. This may take some time depending on the size of the file. Note that only Flash-compatible formats are allowed (i.e. FLV, MP3, MP4, M4V, M4A and AAC).

The exact procedure is described in step 4 of the page How do I create a podcast?.

Comment on episodes

All course participants have the right to comment on episodes and rate them with 1-5 stars. To post a comment or read existing comments, click on the "Comments" link.


Subscribe to the podcast's RSS feed to never miss new episodes.