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Projects - Overview

Release 18.0

What is the project tool for?

The project tool integrated in OpenOlat is primarily a tool for project documentation (not for project planning).

Where can I find projects in OpenOlat?

OpenOlat users can find the projects in the header menu.


The menu entry can also be in a different location. If many entries are displayed in the header, "Projects" may also be included under "More" on the far right.


Which projects can be mapped in OpenOlat?


  • Projects of a learning group
  • lengthy individual works (e.g. Diploma thesis)
  • Project weeks at schools
  • Learning diary as a project

What are the main functions/components of a project?

After calling up a project, the main functions are displayed in the cockpit:

  1. Dates and milestones
  2. To-dos
  3. Decisions
  4. Notes
  5. Files
  6. Whiteboard (
  7. Timeline
  8. Administration functions


Activation of the module "Projects"

For the projects to be available in the menu, the module must have been activated by an administrator.