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Course Element "Group Task"


Name Group task
Icon grouptask Icon
Available since
Functional group Assessment
Purpose Modeling of complex task workflows with configurable substeps such as submission of solution documents, feedback and revision loop, provision of sample solution and assessment
Assessable yes
Specialty / Note similar to course element Task

The Course Element Group task functions largely like the Course Element "Task".

Points and feedbacks are created for the whole group in this course element, but can be customized.

The following differences to the course element Task should be noted:

When creating the group task, one or more groups to which the task is assigned must be selected in the tab "Workflow". Only these groups can then view and edit the task. As long as no group has been assigned, the course element is not visible when the editor is closed.

When the editor is closed, the tab "All participants" does not show the individual persons directly, but the assigned groups are shown, which can then be selected and evaluated. Within the evaluation process it can be decided whether the evaluation is valid for the entire group or whether the evaluation is only valid for a certain group member.