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Course Element "Form"


Name Form
Icon Form Icon
Available since
Functional group Assessment
Purpose Course element for integration of learning resource "form"
Assessable no
Specialty / Note

Using the course element "Form" you can add the learning resource form to a course. The form works similar to the course element "Survey" and can also be filled out only once. However, with the form it is visible which participant has filled in what in the form. Thus, in contrast to the survey (at least in the standard setting), filling in the form is not anonymous.

For the completion of the course element, a last deadline can be defined in the tab "Form". A course reminder can also be linked in addition. In contrast to the survey module, participants automatically receive a confirmation e-mail with the date and time of submission as well as their completed form as a PDF attachment when they submit the completed form.

Coaches can see in the overview table in the course run which participants have already completed the form and which have not. Forms that have already been submitted can be reopened by the coach for further processing by the participant, or they can be completely reset. By clicking on the participant, the completed form can be viewed. The form data of all participants are available as Excel export.

The use of this course element makes sense e.g. if the learners have to fill in certain forms obligatorily, e.g. before starting a laboratory internship or as confirmation for the independent performance of a service.


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