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Course Element "Survey"


Name Survey
Icon Survey Icon
Available since
Functional group Assessment
Purpose Course element for integration of learning resource "form"
Assessable no
Specialty / Note

With the course element "Survey" you can add an online questionnaire to your course. Als Basis wird die Lernressource "Formular" verwendet und mit dem Kursbaustein Umfrage verknüpft. A questionnaire must first be created with the learning resource "Form" in the author area. If you have not yet created a questionnaire, follow the instructions in chapter "3 steps to your questionnaire". By default, the results are stored anonymously.

A formular linked in a course can only be edited completely in the formular editor as long as the page has not been opened. After that only typing errors can be corrected.


If participants are currently running the questionnaire but have not yet completed it, their results will be lost.

Further information on the subject of questionnaires and surveys can be found in the chapter "Creating questionnaires" and the corresponding subchapters.