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How do I assess a test?

Objectives and content of this instruction

You have already created a course with a course element.
You have published the course and and the participants have worked on the test.
How do you progress from here to assess the test results by the participants? The following instruction shows you how.

Target group

[ ] Authors [x] Coaches [ ] Participants

[x] Beginners [x] Amateurs [ ] Experts

Expected previous knowledge

How do I get to the assessment of a test?

Each test is assessed using an evaluation form. To call it up, there are 3 entry points:

1. Start directly in the course module

If you are registered as a coach, when you click on the test course element you will not see the test (like the participants), but an overview of the processing status of the supervised participants.

In the "Participants " tab, you will see the list of coached participants with the processing status of this course element.

After selecting a participant you will be taken to the evaluation form for the overall test.

By clicking on "Correction" in the line of the current course run you will receive the list of questions of this test and can evaluate each individual question. (There is an evaluation form for each question.)

2. Access by calling up the assessment tool

The evaluation tool is called up via
Course > Administration > Assessment tool

All assessable course elements of the entire course are displayed in the assessment tool. Select the relevant test course element. You will receive...

3. Access via the coaching tool

If the option "Coaching tool" is displayed in the header menu, you can also use it to access the assessment of the test course element.

The assessment tool lists all assessable course elements of a course, including a test contained therein. The coaching tool, on the other hand, displays pending assessment assignments across all courses.

  • Open assessment
  • Assessments to be shared
  • Correction orders (even if you are a person external to the course)

Automatic and manual evaluation

Many question types can be scored automatically (e.g. single choice, multiple choice). If automatic valuation is used, you can accept the automatic valuation or override it manually with your own (manual valuation).

In addition, there are question types that must be evaluated manually because they cannot be evaluated automatically (e.g. free text input field).

The assessment form

There is one evaluation form for each question of a test for each course participant in OpenOlat. There is also an evaluation form for the entire test course module.

There you can

  • Provide brief feedback (commentary for participants)
  • Points awarded
  • Define pass/fail
  • Set the release of results for learners
  • Leave comments for other users
  • Distribute assessment documents
  • Complete an evaluation

The correction tool

A correction tool is also available for tests, in which the tests can be corrected question by question. You can access this via the assessment tool.

Select course > Administration > Assessment tool > Tab "Participant" > Button "Correction tool"

It can be corrected in 2 ways:

  1. Select a specific question and correct this question for all participants.
  2. Select a participant and then correct all questions of this participant one after the other before switching to the next participant.

Assessment systems

By default, every question in OpenOlat is awarded points.

The points for each question are added to the total points for the course element.

The final total of points can be converted into

  • Grades (details are configurable, e.g. 1-6 or 6-1)
  • Terms for evaluation (e.g. "very good", "good", etc. or A1, B1, etc. for language levels)
  • Graphic evaluation (e.g. various smileys)

Whether and how points are converted is determined by the course author and cannot be set by the evaluators.

Video-Einführung: Überblick Testing

Video-Einführung: Wie funktionieren Tests in OpenOlat?


  • Was the test completed by all course participants?
  • Has the latest permitted processing time already been exceeded?
  • Is it clear who evaluates the test results?
  • Should a person who is not a member of the course correct?
  • Should correction orders be issued?