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Course Element "Page"


Name Page
Icon Page Icon
Available since Release 18
Functional group Knowledge Transfer
Purpose Display of different content in a block-based layout
Assessable no
Specialty / Note Editing in a block-based editor is used in form learning resources and portfolio entries in addition to the course element page.


There are different layout variants to choose from, in which the desired elements such as images, texts, tables and videos can be flexibly placed and thus the entire page can be designed.


In contrast to the HTML editor (course element "HTML page"), the display in the block-based content editor already largely corresponds to the preview.


Create page content

Der Kursbaustein Seite wird im Kurseditor hinzugefügt und in den Tabs konfiguriert. In the Tab "Page content" open the editor.

Kursbaustein Seit im Kurseditor

The Content Editor will open. First, add a new layout. (More of these layouts can be added).


One or more content elements can be added in each field of a layout.

Inhaltselement im Kursbaustein Seite hinzufügen

The following content elements are available:

  • Titel: Titles use the predefined sizes and styles h1, h2, etc.
  • Paragraph: A text that can be designed with a small HTML editor.
  • Table: Table, which can be designed in an associated popup.
  • Mathematical formula: Creating mathematical formulas with the MathJax formula editor.
  • Code: Darstellung von Programmiercode ohne Ausführung. Ab Release 18.2.
  • Document: Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents can be uploaded as well as created directly. PDF and others can be uploaded or taken from the Media Center.
  • Audio: Audio auswählen, neu aufnehmen oder als MP3 oder m4a Datei hinzufügen. Ab Release 18.2.
  • Image: Inserting an image from the Media Center or uploading.
  • Video: Inserting a video file from the Media Center or uploading or new recording
  • Diagramm: Neu erstellen oder aus der Liste auswählen. Ab Release 18.2.
  • Citations: Citations can be stored and reused as standalone content items in the Media Center.
  • Aus meinem Medien... Zugriff auf alle Elemente des eigenen Medien Centers. Auch können neue Elemente für das Medien Center erstellt werden.
  • Text segment: A text that can be designed with an HTML editor. (With slightly more options than in the Paragraph content element).
  • Separator: A line used to visually separate two layouts.

Edit page (Bearbeitungsmodus)

Edit layout

To edit a layout, select the layout. An associated frame is displayed. In the upper right corner you will see icons with editing options.

Once a layout is selected, the arrangement of the content elements can also be changed later by clicking the gear icon and selecting a different layout arrangement.

Existing content elements are preserved and can be moved to new layout fields.


Edit content elements

A content element can be changed by selecting it with a mouse click and using the buttons in the upper left corner.


  • Cogwheel-Icon: opens popup with editing options
  • 3 Points: Deleting the current element, inserting additional content elements
  • Arrow cross: Move within the layout (also to other fields)

Media storage

Die Ablage der eingefügten Medien erfolgt nicht wie bei dem Kursbaustein "HTML-Seite" im Ablageordner des Kurses sondern im Medien Center. Hier finden Sie alle eingebauten Medien wieder und können dort auch die weitere Verwaltung und Freigabe regeln.

Uploading media to the Media Center is done in the personal menu or in the Content Editor when creating a new content item.

Differences: Page - HTML-Page

KB Page KB HTML-Page
Content creation in Content Editor in HTML-Editor
Layout block-based approach HTML-Page
Creation effort lower, since pre-structured possibly higher
Preview directly in editor separate tab "Display content"
Media in Media Center in storage folder
Editing can be allowed to coaches
Extended authorizations
Integration pdf
Integration Office-Documents
Integration Diagrams


If only Office documents are to be included, the course elements "Document" or "Folder" can be used as an alternative.


The page can be edited by course owners or optionally by coaches.