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Module configuration

The WebDAV module can be enabled/disabled system wide. The following parameters can be configured

  • WebDAV access
    Enable or disable the WebDAV access. When enabled, all system users can access their OpenOlat folder using WebDAV (recommended).

  • Show WebDAV links
    Decide if the WebDAV URL is displayed in the folder component or not. This is independent of the the WebDAV access. When disabled, WebDAV can still be used but the WebDAV link must be known by users as it is not displayed in the web interface.

  • Digest Authentication for HTTP access
    To use WebDAV on Windows operating systems without manually importing certificates it is mandatory to operate the WebDAV interface using HTTP and no SSL. In that case files will be transfered without encryption. To still transmit the password encrypted, the Digest Authentication method must be used to support Windows.

    Security note

    The Digest Authentication method does not use strong encryption and can be cracked with enough computing effort. To meet very high security demands users should always use HTTPS with SSL encryption. When using Windows this will make it necessary to manually import certificates or to use a dedicated WebDAV client.

  • WebDAV Client exclusion
    Turn exclusion of specific user WebDAV clients on or off.

  • List of User-Agents (comma as separator)
    Not allowed user-agents

  • Group courses by semester terms
    Enable this flag to list the available semester terms first and within a semester term only the courses from this term. This greatly improves usability with many courses.

  • Group courses by curriculum elements
    Activate this option to create subfolders for curriculum groups containing all courses of this curriculum group.

  • Group Managed Course

  • Prepend external course reference to title
    Decide whether the course reference should prepend the course title in order to be able to distinguish between similar course titles.

  • Enable access for courses where user is participant or coach
    Enable this option to allow students and coaches to access course folders via WebDAV. Only folder course element folders will be displayed.

  • Enable access for courses that users marked as favorite
    Enable this option to allow students and coaches to access course folders via WebDAV that are marked as favorite, without being a member of that course. Access configuration must be set correspondingly. Only folder course element folders will be displayed.


More information about WebDAV usage in OpenOlat: Using WebDAV