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Course Element "Enrolment"


Name Enrolment
Icon Enrolment Icon
Available since
Functional group Administration and organisation
Purpose self registration of participants in groups
Assessable no
Specialty / Note

The course element "Enrolment" is used to let course participants enroll in one or more groups. You can also define the order of the groups in the selection list. To do this, define in the "Configuration" tab in which and how many groups course participants can enroll in. You can also define the order of the groups in the selection list. If you have not yet created any groups or need more, you can do so directly in the "Configuration" tab by clicking on "Select" and "Create". Existing and newly created groups can be edited in the member management.

Use the field "Allow multiple enrollments" in order to allow course participants to enrol in more than one, and if so how many, groups.

In the field "Delisting allowed" you can decide if a registered course participant should have the possibility to delist from a group. In the group management you can determine while editing groups if there should be a waiting list and if moving up automatically from that list should be possible.


If you have previously created one or more learning areas in the administration and assigned groups here, you can also access these learning areas in the "Configuration" tab of the enrollment course element.

Participant view

Select the "Enroll" link to become a member of a group. Depending on the configuration, you can either enroll in only one group, or in several at the same time. Enrollment will now cause the links to the corresponding groups you are a member of to become visible in the "My Course" drop-down menu on the right.

For some groups the number of members is limited. If the group is full, there may be a waiting list, depending on the configuration. If the group administrator has set it this way, you will automatically move up as soon as a group member unsubscribes from the group.

Often you can sign out of the group at the same place where you signed up. If this is not the case, the group administrator has prohibited unsubscribing and you must contact them if you have accidentally subscribed.