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Course Element "Calendar"


Name Calendar
Icon Calendar Icon
Available since
Functional group Administration and organisation
Purpose Embedding the course calendar into the course structure (course menu)
Assessable no
Specialty / Note

By means of the course element "Calendar" you can embed a course calendar in the course structure. It is also possible to add several instances of the same calendar to the course.

This course element offers an alternative view on the course calendar to be found in the course toolbar (see "Using additional course features").

Only course authors and moderators are allowed to create calendar entries by default. However, all course participants are able to read entries. In the tab "Calendar configuration" you can define whether participants and tutors of a course may also set and edit calendar entries. Also, you can decide which date should be displayed when a course calendar is activated from the course structure. Course calendars will automatically be added to the personal calendars of the course members.

When displaying a certain semester week in your calendar and inserting links on course elements, that calendar will serve as a kind of overview showing all events and tasks of that week.

Check whether the course element "Calendar" is really the optimal choice for you. In many cases, especially with learning path courses, it makes more sense to activate the calendar in the toolbar in the settings.


If you can't find the "Calendar" course element in the course editor, it was disabled by a system administrator.