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Course Element "card2brain flashcards"


Name card2brain
Icon Task Icon
Available since
Functional group Knowledge transfer
Purpose Learning with online flashcards
Assessable no
Specialty / Note


To use this course element an enterprise login of card2brain is compulsory. Clients of frentix please contact Non-clients please contact card2brain directly.

The course element card2brain allows learning with flashcards.

As soon as the pre-settings are done, the course element can be added as all other course elements are added in OpenOlat. After title and description and as required the visibility and the access have been adapted, the "Alias of flashcards" need to be added in the tab Set of flashcards.

To add this alias, a set of flashcards need to be created at first. The flashcards cannot be created in OpenOlat directly. The flashcard is connected into OpenOlat. As soon as a set of flashcards is created, the alias can be taken from the details. The alias is the last part of the weblink, e.g. 20170425_sea_geografie. Copy the alias and add it to OpenOlat. Afterward the course element is saved.

card2brain course element

To make sure that the course participants are able to work with the course element the following settings of the flashcard are relevant:

card2brain course element settings

This setting can be done in OpenOlat. After publishing the course click on the course element card2brain. Click then on Edit set of flashcards. In Share Organization the organization is already chosen. It is added during the creation of the set of flashcards in For teachers you choose Co-author and for student fellow learners. Thus all users who are coaches for this course can edit the flashcards as well. And all course participants can learn with the flashcards.


The flashcards are only for a learning purpose and not for a test. In OpenOlat no score is saved and the course element card2brain is not assessable.