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Course Element "Notifications"


Name Notifications
Icon Notifications Icon
Available since New edition with release 18
Functional group Administration and organisation
Purpose Notifications in the course structure (course menu)
Assessable no
Specialty / Note

This course element allows you to embed notifications in your course structure. These notifications will be visible in your course as well as in the notifications section (Personal tools -> Subscriptions) of each single user. The message can either be a short info text or an extensive information which is added as attachment (max. 5 MB).

During the creation of the notification it can be defined, if the message should be sent by email to certain user groups of the course (subscribers, course owners, coaches, members, groups) additionally.

Configuration in the course editor Tab "Notification configuration"

Display: The maximum number of days determines how long notifications shall be displayed in your course (in days). The maximum number of messages determines how many messages shall be displayed simultaneously in your course.

Subscribe automatically: By default this course element will be automatically subscribed. This option can be deactivated here so that course participants will be able to subscribe to notifications manually.

In the "Authorizations" section, you can define which course roles are allowed to create and manage messages. Course owners can create and manage messages.

Messages can be viewed in the personal menu under "Subscriptions". The number of displayed messages can be set in the course editor.

By default only course authors and moderators are allowed to create messages. However, all course participants may read messages. In the tab "Notification configuration" you can adjust this setting according to your wishes.


The number of characters for the message is limited to 32,000. You will receive information about the number of characters already used in the lower right corner of the message editor. If the permitted number of characters is exceeded, a corresponding message is displayed. Attention: The number of actual characters specified differs from the number of visible characters, as the actual number of HTML code is used.


An element with similar functions, but without specific configuration, can also be found in the toolbar. This is the "Participant Info".