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In the System section of the OpenOlat Administration, administrators can obtain general information about the system runtime, such as the quota used, current click numbers or data directories. In addition, administrators have access to the areas:

  • Info messages
  • User sessions
  • Errors
  • Locks
  • Java VM Info
  • Scheduler

Info messages:

Here you can create an info message in the OLAT HTML Editor which appears on the login page next to the login access area. There is also a separate area for maintenance messages. This information, which appears on all OLAT pages, can also be created in the OLAT Editor. In addition, documents (e.g. further information in pdf form) can be linked. A "static folder" is available for this purpose.

User session

The currently logged in persons are displayed here.


Here you can search for error number and date.


The objects saved by users are displayed here.

Java VM Info

Here, administrators can find information about Java memory, threads, and environment variables and can start the Java Garbage Collection.