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Life cycles - Administration

Automatic life cycle management

Similar to the automatically controlled course lifecycle, the lifecycle of OpenOlat users can also be automated. In a first step, the accounts of users who have not been active for a longer period of time can thus first be deactivated and the user status set to "inactive". If no new login takes place within the specified period, the user account is deleted. Depending on the configuration, users can receive an e-mail with a corresponding note before or after the account is deactivated or deleted.


In OpenOlat Administration, settings can be made for both the group life cycle and the user cycle. It is also possible to select certain group types and restrict the inactivation to these groups only. Basically, the group life cycle can be defined in terms of inactivation, deletion and irrevocable deletion.


Here the concrete different text notifications in the context of account deactivation can be formulated and the time of mail notification can be defined. Furthermore, it can be defined whether inactive users should be deleted.