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Here you will find an overview of the rights of the coach.

Course elements

Knowledge transfer

Course element Rights Additional configuration options
Structure call = participant
Single page read = participant editing possible
External page call = participant
CP learning content execute = participant
SCORM learning content execute = participant
Folder upload documents, delete possible
Podcast add, edit, delete episodes, (Moderator rights) can be activated
Blog create, edit, delete entries, (Moderator rights) can be activated
Video execute = participant
card2brain flashcards learn = participant


Course element Rights Additional configuration options
Assessment Assess participants An evaluation of learners is however possible for coaches via the "assessment tool".
Task correct tasks, extend deadlines, assess, finish, documents submitted, download create new task ; Course owners can also assign specific participants to supervisors
Portfolio task assess
Grouptask only access as group coach of an assigned group (analogous to task) create or upload a new task
Test Test overview, Insight into performed tests with manual evaluation, Scoring, Correction and cancellation option, but no test configuration Communication option if enabled
Self-test execute = participant
Survey results from the coach also in the questionnaire statistics
Check-list personal checklist visible; checklist management including evaluation and download, no creation of checkboxes
Video task Play all attempts, assess, Reset number of attempts
Form Export form data, Reset data, open again
Practice View results, Reset data = Course owner

Communication and collaboration

Course element Rights Additional configuration options
Wiki edit = participant
Forum edit = open discussion topics, edit, delete posts, filter user, but do not create forums Extended moderator rights can be activated, Person filter
File dialogue Create postings and file upload can be activated, but no access to the storage folder; forum part like course element forum; forum part like course element "Forum" Optional moderator rights for the forum part can be activated
Participant folder = Course owner access to all delivery folders; return folder, if enabled
Participant list = Course owner, PDF-Export, email and print
Virtual Classrooms moderation in VC (differences depending on VC)

Administration and Organization

Course element Rights Additional configuration options
Enrollment enrol = participant
Notifications configurable: create, edit, delete messages Management rights can be activated = editing and deleting all messages possible
E-mail send e-mails = participant
Calender create calendar entries possible
Scheduling configurable whether to edit appointments, Create dates (event) optional coach = Organizer, Confirm or reopen appointments


Course element Rights Additional configuration options
LTI page execute depending on LTI
Topic assignment select = participant Individuals can become topic owners
Link list read = participant


By default, coaches do not have access to the course editor and therefore cannot create course elements or set them up in the course editor.

Course tools

The following tools are available to course coaches as standard.

Tool Function
Assessment tool analog to the course owner
Test Statistics analog to the course owner, but cannot display results of owners/coaches
Survey Statistics analog to the course owner
Lectures and absences Enter absences
Documents coach Document storage

The following tools can be activated for group coaches or also participants in the Members management under rights.

Group management
Member management
Course editor
Course archive
Glossar tool
Exam mode
Course DB

Course coaches do not have access to the following functions.

Storage folder Filing the files and html pages of the course
Learning area
Change course info
Access configuration Create offer etc.
Catalogue Add course to catalogue
Layout Select layout for the course
Options Activating course tools like course calendar, chat, search
Efficiency statements Switch on and off or add certificate
Reminder Creation and configuration
Lectures and absences Creation and configuration
Copy Copy the course
Export content Export the course
Life cycle: close/delete Set course to status finished or delete
Convert traditional courses to learning path courses